About Us

Daati’s Pride school is a special place where we provide broad and stimulating educational experiences.

Daati’s Pride is a co-educational institution that provides a safe, happy and stimulating environment to children between the ages of 3months to 11 years. We provide broad and stimulating educational experiences to our students and instil in them high moral and ethical values which reflects love, truth, honesty and positive behaviour.

Our core values are our…

Our Vision

To lay the foundation of life-long learning in our pupils to become independent, confident and excellent global citizens.

We are committed to nurturing champions

Our Mission

To use educational techniques based on the psychology of childhood development.
Qualified and Experienced


Daati’s pride school has a team of qualified and experienced early childhood practitioners who are passionate, dedicated and committed to their work. We also provide continuous professional development opportunities to meet the needs of our growing champions. Our training programmes are subject to stringent quality assurance and evaluation, and are continually revised to meet changing needs and to incorporate the latest developments in teaching and learning.

We engage in a process of constant improvement and provide an environment that breeds ambition and achievement through diverse opportunities to succeed. This allows them to develop a child’s belief that they can accomplish anything that they set their mind to, and in doing so adopt a growth mindset.

Daatis Pride’s


Our friendly atmosphere are complemented by a commitment to excellence in both academic and personal development.
In Daati’s Pride school, we invest in the very latest facilities in order to support both the academic classes and extra-curricular activities offered to our students.
Each of our classrooms are equipped with interactive boards and students have access to PCs and laptops.  All applications used at our school will be shared with parents so you may continue their learning at home.

Music Class

School Hours

We expect children to arrive punctually at school and we place importance on developing punctuality as a sign of respect towards others in the community and as a necessary skill for the future.


6:00am – 6.00pm

Nursery school

8.00am- 2:00pm

Junior school

8:00 am- 3:00pm 

Diamond 1 ( Nursery 1)

3 – 4 years

Diamond 2 ( Nursery 2)

4 – 5 years