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Daati’s Pride school
17, Solaru street,
Soluyi, Gbagada,

Music Sessions

After-School Martial Art Club

We Are Cultural

Class Categories

Crèche Level: 3months – 18months
Lower Nursery: Ages 1 – 2 and ages 2- 3
Upper Nursery: Ages 3- 4 and 4 – 5
Junior School: Ages 5 – 11

School Hours

Crèche: 6am- 6pm
Nursery Classes: 8:00am – 2pm
Junior School: 8:00am – 3:00pm

Welcome to Daati’s Pride school

Welcome to Daati’s Pride school where we aim to build independent, confident and balanced children. We love and respect every child and they are at the heart of all that we do. We are committed to their continuous improvement, striving always to provide highest quality of education using best educational techniques.

I am privileged to be part of this amazing school, where we value those marvellous moments which nurture individuals to achieve their true potential and build make lifelong memories. In our school, you will experience the ‘family feel’ culture which we are very proud of.

Our talented and dedicated teaching team focus on the whole child, with their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potential being developed alongside academic knowledge.

Through our curriculum, we encourage creative and critical thinking alongside stimulating and meaningful experiences, leading to fun and wonder. Our curriculum celebrates the diversity within our school and equips our children with the skills and attributes required to become active citizens in our international community and beyond.

The wellbeing of our children is paramount in all that we do and we place great emphasis on building high quality personal and social skills, which has a positive impact on achievement and attitudes to learning. This is supported by an extensive range of extra curricula activities including sports, cultural and performing arts as well as access field trips

Daati’s Pride school is a special place to learn and we welcome you to visit the school and become part of our learning community

Our Core Values

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Our School

Facilities and Organizations

Daati’s Pride is a co-educational institution that provides a safe, happy and stimulating environment to children between the ages of 3months to 11 years. Our vision is to lay the foundation of a life-long learning experience that will develop our children into confident, independent citizens who will excel on the global platform irrespective of their colour and race.

Academic Standards

Our school continues to move with the times, embracing new approaches to learning and technology by combining the best of British educational standards and methodology with an awareness of our local cultural and regional context.

Extracurricular Activities

A focus on students personal development promotes positive attitudes to learning. That is why we also encourage our students to develop their strengths outside the classroom through an extensive range of Extra Curricular Activities.

Technology In the Classroom

Each class has 2 qualified and experienced teachers who teach all subjects except special subjects that require specialist teachers. Nursery classes have caregivers assigned to each class.


School Meals


Meal: Jollof Rice & Plantain/Chicken
Fruit: Banana



Meal: Eba/Semo Okro Soup
Fruit: Pineapple



Meal: Spaghetti Bolognaise
Fruit: Watermelon



Meal: Beans/Plantain and Fish Sauce
Fruit: Watermelon



Meal: White Rice and Stew/Chicken
Fruit: Banana




What Parents are Saying

"The quality of education you offer is one of the best and the delivery style is laudable. Welldone"

"Its amazing to see my daughter graduating from kindergarten to grade 1. have heard so many people call me to how intelligent she is. I give praise to God Almighty and to the best school in Nigeria Daatis pride School. She got certificate on mathematics and she got 100% on maths test, my efico girl. This is just eh beginning of many more graduations ahead baby."

"When I tell people to move over to Daatis Pride School. They think it’s a joke!! This school is so dope! Proud to be a part of DPS..."


After School programs


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